As the official representation of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Embassy cover all matters concerning diplomatic relations, and has the responsibility of promoting relations of friendship and co-operation between the governments and the peoples of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Federal Republic of Germany and other States to which this Embassy is also accredited ( the Republic of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, the Swiss Confederation and the Holy See).

The Embassy main pre-occupation is to promote Tanzania's economic and other interests. In this regard, the Embassy represents Tanzania’s interests in a range of areas, including, trade, finance, investment, tourism, as well as education and culture. It reaches out to potential investors, businesses, governmental and non-governmental entities, among others, in the area of accreditation and encouraging them to do business with Tanzania, visit tourist attractions, or do such other things with the aim of strengthening ties with Tanzania.

The embassy also works to safeguard interests of Tanzanians living in the areas of accreditation.

Tanzania Embassy in Berlin, Germany runs an inclusive range of consular services:to local, Tanzanian, Germans and international citizens in Germany and its accredited countries citizens.

A: Consular activities

  • Visa issuance
  • Renewal of passports for Tanzania nationals abroad
  • Passport replacements for Tanzania national abroad
  • Issuance of Emergence Travel documents (ETD) to Tanzania nationals in distress abroad
  • Receiving and forwarding of citizenship renunciation application forms and corresponding certificates
  • Passport endorsements
  • Providing advisory services to Tanzania nationals in problems.

B: Commercial activities

C: Others

  • Facilitating co-operation between NGOs in Tanzania and NGOs in the area of our representation.
  • Conciliating cultural exchange between Tanzanian and the other countries in the area of our representation.