From 20th to 24th March 2023, the Embassy coordinated and participated in the ‘My Tanzania’ Roadshow Eastern Europe Tourism Exhibition held in four cities in Eastern Europe, which are Warsaw, Kraków, Budapest and Prague. The exhibition was organized in collaboration between the Government of Tanzania and KiliFair Company Ltd of Tanzania aimed to bring together Tanzanian tourism stakeholders and tourism stakeholders from Eastern European countries with the aim of enabling them to advertise Tanzanian tourism attractions as well as find markets and business partners from Eastern European countries. 

Unlike other tourism fairs that involve various countries, this fair largely brings together important stakeholders who sell and buy Tanzanian tourism products. The exhibition provided an opportunity for companies and Government institutions involved in the tourism sector from Tanzania to meet with institutions and companies doing tourism business in Eastern European countries with the aim of promoting Tanzania's tourism attractions as well as discussing tourism business between them.

  • Ambassador Dr. Possi explaining about Tanzania Tourism sector in the exhibition
  • Sellars from Tanzania and buyers from Eastern Europe in B2B
  • B2B section in the exhibition