The Embassy wishes to inform all Tanzanians living in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, that the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has introduced a new type of passport (E-Passport). In this regard the current Machine-Readable Passports will continue to be used until December 2019. The Embassy therefore has now started to receive and process applications for new passports (E-Passports).

A new passport costs USD 90 payable in two stages as explained hereunder. 

Applicants for the new passports are required to fill in an onlne application form available on this website or Tanzania Immigration website and attach the required documents as in the guidelines provided before starting your application.  At the end of your application you will be required to pay an application fee of USD15.

Print your complete filled in application form,  fill in the part of 'Wadhamini'  which is filled in by hand writing.  Send your application by post  to the Embassy . The Embassy will then check your application and issue a control number which will be sent back to you to allow payment of USD 75.

After the payment you may seek appointment to visit the Embassy to finalize your application, in any case it should not be more than one month since you submitted your application. Always keep your reference number provided during application for ease of following up your application. You may now start your application.